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Business Center – LIMANI – [Thessaloniki]

A new business center has opened its doors in the second largest city of Greece. The center lies in the west part of the city. The building includes 3 different functions: Commercial Center, Business Center and Parking Space.

The complex covers a total surface of 40.000 sq.m on a ground plot of 12.000 sq.m. It has also 650 parking seats.

The architects are Morfo Papanikolaou and Rena Sakellaridou



Royal Theater – [Thessaloniki]

The Royal Theater of Thessaloníki hosts the NTNG (National Theater of Northern Greece), one of the most important theatrical institutions in Greece. The theater was original build under the plans of the famous architect and urban-planner Constantions Doxiadis in 1940.

The building was reconstructed in its current form during 1996 for the needs of the first “Cultural Capital of Europe”, the city of Thessaloniki.

The building complex consists of a hall of 800 seats, a very large, multiple-capacity stage with a 10-metre sub-stage, and technical infrastructure for theatrical dance performances as well as concerts and film viewing. There is also a 2,000 sq. foyer that can be used for presenting large exhibitions. The cost of the reconstruction reached 55.000.000€.


Politia Allatini – [Thessaloniki]

“Politia Allatini” will be erected in the area of the old ALLATINI mill in Thessaloniki.

The original property of ALLATINI, where the flour mill stood together with all of its secondary buildings, exceeded 35,000 square meters. In 1971, the land was characterized as an open ground of common use. In 1991, the mill as well as some other buildings of the property along with their surrounding areas were characterized as historical scheduled monuments.

Nowadays, the area of the ALLATINI property that can be exploited, after a series of commitments and acts of regularization, amounts to 26,000 square meters. The existing scheduled buildings together with the planned new constructions will cover only 36.5% of the land and therefore more than 4 acres will not be built.

The scheduled buildings to be restored cover approximately 12,500 square meters. Among them we can still find the central mill of the complex, the administration building (the oldest building of the complex that dates back to 1890), the residence of the factory’s manager, the old machine shop, the bakeries that provided the Greek army with bread up until some decades ago and others.

The old warehouses of Allatini, which belong to the state, are located outside the perimeters of “Politia Allatini” and face the sea. This area of 5.5 square meters, together with the 2,500 square meters of the warehouses has been handed over to the Ministry of Culture and will be exploited by the 16th Regulatory Office of Antiquities. Besides the value of the land, the anticipated investment will amount to 40 million Euros for the next four years.


Region of Central Macedonia – [Thessaloniki]

The city of Thessaloniki has always been the center of the Greek army forces. This has granted the city with 7 large army camps inside its borders. However, the last years the ministry of defense is donating this high-value land back to the cities (likewise in Patras) . The region of Central Macedonia is planning to unite its divisions under one building in FARMAKIS camp.

Farmakis Camp occupies a total area of 65.000 sq.m. It is going to host as well divisions of the Perfecture of Thessaloniki.

The building area will be 3.500 sq.m. and the total area of the building will reach 15.000 sq.m.

The desing of the complex comes from ARIS architectural office.

Interbalkan Medical Center – [Thessaloniki]

Interbalkan Medical Center (Ιατρικό Διαβαλκανικό Κέντρο) is a private hospital bsed in Thessaloniki Greece. The hospital became operational during 2000 and was founded by the greek businessman Giorgos Apostolopoulos. It now belongs to the Medical Group of Athens.

It has been characterized as the most advanced hospital in Europe by the Medical School of Imperial College. The hospital is one of the largest investments in Northern Greece reaching 90.000.000 € in capital expenses and providing 1200 permanent jobs.

The building covers a total area of 52.000 sq.m. and has 350 hospital beds.


Thessaloniki Concert Hall – [Thessaloniki]

The Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, is built along the coast of the city, near the Poseidwnion Sports Center, in an area of 18.000 sq.m.

The total length of the building is 108m, while the width is 45m and the highest point reaches 26.5m. The covered area is 5.090 sq.m. and the total area of the building is 26.600 sq.m. on 9 floors. The total cost of the complex was drachmas (41 mil €).

The style of the building is a reference to the architectural culture of Thessaloniki. It comprises memories of its byzantine past and European character. There are also plans for the construction of a second smaller building, suitable for a museum of music, smaller concerts and conferences.

The main hall has 1464 seats and is suitable for concerts, ballet, theater, opera and several other cultural activities.

The Concert Hall started its operations during the May of 2001.


Technology museum – [Thessaloniki]

Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum is an organization that promotes the popularization of science. It was founded back in 1978. The new building was finished during the end of 2004. The building complex covers an area of 14.000 sq.m. in the region of Thermi, near Thessaloniki. The construction budget was 29.000.000€.

The new building of the Technological Museum was constructed on land granted by the municipality of Thermi with a total area of 48.000 sq.m.

The complex consists of:

  • Technology museum: Contains exhibitions about the history of science and technology. The museum hosts a reproduction of the ancient “Antikythera” computing mechanism that has been dated to about 80 B.C.

  • Planetarium: A Hemispherical screen with a diameter of 18m and 150 seats.
  • Cosmotheater: A widescreen cinema (17m x 23m) with 300 seats.

  • Virtual Reality Machine: A room with 18 seats with 3D images and movement

The architectural conception and design was by “Tzonos – Hoipel & Hoipel”

Official page:

CEDEFOP – [Thessaloniki]

Cedefop – the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, established in 1975, is a European agency that helps promote and develop vocational education and training in the European Union (EU). Originally based in Berlin, Cedefop was one of the first specialised and decentralised agencies set up. In 1995, Cedefop’s head office was transferred to Thessaloniki, while it operates a liaison office in Brussels.

Cedefop works to promote a European area of lifelong learning throughout an enlarged EU. It does this by providing information on and analyses of vocational education and training systems, policies, research and practice.

Cedefop presents its information in electronic and printed media and also brings people together through the study visits, conferences and seminars it organises.

The CEDEFOP building in Thessaloniki is a 4 storey complex, with a basement covering a total area of about 9.500 sq.m.

The owner is the “Hellenic Employment Organization” and the architect is the lately famous Theofanis Bobotis. The construction cost was: 4.200.000€.


Bennigan’s – [Thessaloniki]

Bennigan’s Opens Resort-Style Restaurant in Thessaloniki, Greece

Bennigan’s Grill and Tavern has broken the mold with its latest international restaurant opening in Thessaloniki, Greece. The 11,000 square-foot beachfront restaurant is a first of its kind for the casual dining chain.

“This is a completely new venture for Bennigan’s, said Vince Runco, president of worldwide franchising and executive vice president for Metromedia Casual Dining, which oversees the Bennigan’s concept. “The restaurant appeals to local residents as well as vacationers with its resort-style atmosphere and casual dining feel.

The restaurant overlooks the Aegean Sea and features an outside pool with a swim up bar, a walk up bar, volleyball courts, children’s play area and seating for 400 guests. The restaurant’s interior caters to the city’s lively nightlife with a club-style bar, couches and multiple televisions. The concept was developed by franchisee Crown Resorts and is the group’s third Bennigan’s location.

This restaurant marks Bennigan’s 51st international location and the company plans to continue expanding overseas.